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please! don't all leave... somebody has to do it, don't you see? somebody has to save the world...

~ captain metropolis, watchmen

Made a True Blood GIF Today
For all you True Blood fans, I made a GIF. It took three days because my computer is an idiot, but it got made. Enjoy.

Five Avatar Icons For Your Use Maybe?!
So basically I made five Avatar icons since I know everyone loves that movie, including me (going to see it in IMAX next week)! So I made five Avatar icons. If you use, please comment and credit and maybe I will make more one day, LOL! Oh, and rehost.

Christmas Cards Anyone?
Sorry this is late everyone, but I have ten Christmas cards to send and whoever wants one can have one! Post your addresses here (comments are screened) and I hope to get these out within the next few days!

But for now, getting back to my final. Or pretending to work on it at least.

Watching Roswell for the First Time
My ThoughtsCollapse )

Whoodathunk You Could Make Soldier's Girl GIFs?
pushing daisies
I'm the only person alive who thinks that you can make GIFs of Soldier's Girl. But guess what I did?


(Just FYI, the GIFs are of Lee Pace in drag dancing and lip syncing. Sad movie, very tragic, but my God he's delicious even as a woman.)

Guess Who!

Some of you can get this, I know. Don't be my friend who said this was actually Cher - it made me very sad.

Clip of the Day returns!

Amy Adams and Lee Pace (OMG) singing in Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, which is an AWESOME movie. See it now if you haven't!

Worth A Shot Posting It, LOL - My RPG

jason and gerry
Okay, Gerry Butler is hosting SNL on October 17th. I WANT TO GO. But that means the standby line. I plan on getting there at 6 PM on the 16th and waiting until 7 AM on the 17th, coming back to my pad in NJ, and then going back the evening of the 17th. BUT I NEED SOMEONE TO GO WITH ME OMG.

I am hoping my roommate will go, but are there any Gerry fanatics in the Tri-State area (OR ANYWHERE) that want to have the chance to get tickets with me? As long as I think you're cool, you can crash at my pad if you must. I live 30 minutes from Penn Station (South Orange, NJ), which is about 15 blocks south of 30 Rock (walking distance, lol - I've done it). But I want to see Gerry, or at least try to see Gerry! I wubbles him. Maybe Jason Statham will be there OMG! Probably not, lol.

Anyone want to help a desperate girl like me? If you live in the NE or DC areas there is MEGABUS so check it out - cheap bus tickets!


Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

Frank from Donnie Darko. Or else just a generic evil bunny rabbit.

That's probably indicative of my morbid sense of humor, eh?

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